Pelosi Feud With Ocasio-Cortez Tests Party Heading Into 2020

They don’t talk to each other much, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But they’re lately speaking at one another in a way that threatens party unity and underscores broader tensions reshaping the Democrats.

Their power struggle has spilled open in what could be a momentary blip or a foreshadowing of divisions to come.

It started with a rare public rebuke — Pelosi chiding AOC, as she’s called, in a newspaper interview; AOC responding pointedly on Twitter — that’s now challenging the House agenda and rippling into the 2020 presidential campaign. A new test will come this week on a must-pass defense bill that the White House on Tuesday threatened to veto.

At its core, the tension between the most powerful Democrat in the country and one of the party’s newest, most liberal members embodies a debate over how best, in style and substance, to defeat President Donald Trump. And both sides think they’re right.

For allies of the longtime California congresswoman, Pelosi’s off-handed dismissal of Ocasio-Cortez and the three other liberal freshmen House members who opposed a border security package last month was a necessary comeuppance for “the squad” of newcomers who are trying to push the party leftward.

“These people have their public whatever and their Twitter world,” Pelosi told The New York Times. “But they didn’t have any following.” In the speaker’s world, they lack what Pelosi often calls “the currency of the realm” — the power to turn their high-volume activism into a coalition of votes to pass legislation or, in their case, to stop it.

But for fans of Ocasio-Cortez, including some of the New York congresswoman’s millions of social media followers, Pelosi’s remarks were nothing short of a patronizing slap-back to four women of color who represent the future of the Democratic Party, a stark example of its generational and demographic transition. Their four lonely votes against the bill were a principled stand, with more to come.

The ability to channel the influence of the newcomers into the currency of Congress may determine whether the speaker, six months into her new majority, continues her steady leadership or loses her firm grip — especially with former special counsel Robert Mueller’s expected testimony next week in a high-stakes hearing amid rising calls for Trump’s impeachment.

“There’s an opportunity right now for House Democrats to lead the charge,” said Ezra Levin, the co-executive director of the liberal group Indivisible. In his living room, he said, is a framed 2010 newspaper clipping of Pelosi from her previous tenure as speaker, passing the Obama-era Affordable Care Act. “What we’re looking for is that decade-ago fighter Pelosi was.”

This week the differences could tumble into full view again as the House considers defense legislation that’s often rejected by liberals because of military funding. It’s a must-pass bill that Congress has approved essentially every year since World War II. But with the opportunity to divide Democrats, the White House issued a veto threat saying the funding levels are inadequate. That means Pelosi will be forced to muscle it through without much, if any, Republican support.

Fresh from the border funding fight, Ocasio-Cortez signaled a first salvo Tuesday, telling reporters that progressive lawmakers want to ensure the defense bill prevents Trump from sending any troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Asked about Pelosi’s comments, Ocasio-Cortez said: “It was just kind of puzzling more than anything. It’s just, why? The idea that millions of people we represent matter less or don’t matter is a notion I disagree with.”

Lawmakers visiting border detention facilities over the past week have delivered grave reports of migrant children and families being held in dire conditions. Liberals say the border-funding battle was exactly the kind of fight the House should be waging against the Trump administration, especially after disclosures of border patrol officers joking about the migrants and deriding lawmakers on a private Facebook group.

When White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday mocked the “Major Meow Mashup” and “catfight” between Pelosi and the foursome, several of them fired back.

“Remember that time your boss tore babies from their mothers’ arms and threw them in cages?” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., tweeted at Conway. “Yeah take a seat and keep my name out of your lying mouth.”

Behind the scenes, though, some on Capitol Hill were quietly appreciative of Pelosi’s tough-love approach to Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, and Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

Lawmakers and freshmen from more centrist-leaning districts than those of the four, including regions Trump won in 2018, don’t want the House majority to be defined by the liberal flank as they face voters for reelection next year. They prefer the party hew to Pelosi’s center-left approach. In describing the sentiment among those from more centrist districts, a senior congressional aide said Pelosi emerged as a “super-hero.” The aide requested anonymity to describe the private discussions.

While those more moderate views may have helped Democrats win the majority, liberal activists fear they won’t necessarily motivate or energize the party ahead of the 2020 election.

Brian Fallon, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Pelosi’s comments have riled the party’s left flank and activists question why she’s fighting with the newcomers when she should be confronting, if not impeaching, Trump.

“It’s not a good look,” Fallon said. Pelosi’s background runs strong in the liberal community, he said, so “it’s not enough to undo the relationship because she has deep ties, she knows how to count votes and is a bad ass.”

“But there is frustration,” he said.

На «Дитяче Євробачення» від України не відбиратимуть учасників, які виступали в Росії чи на окупованих територіях

Про це йдеться в оприлюднених положеннях про нацвідбір, які були затверджені 1 липня 2019 року

Кількість песимістів стосовно напрямку руху України скоротилася вдвічі – американське дослідження

Кількість песимістів в Україні стосовно напрямку руху країни скоротилася майже вдвічі, свідчать дані опитування американського Центру дослідження Міжнародного республіканського інституту.

Якщо в грудні 2018 року 70% українців вважали напрямок руху України неправильним, то в червні 2019 року ця цифра знизилася до 39%.

Також зросла кількість українців, які вважають напрямок руху України правильним: із 16% до 34%. Ще 27% опитаних не змогли відповісти на питання.

Діяльність нового президента України Володимира Зеленського «твердо підтримують» 32%, «частково підтримують» – 35%, «частково не підтримують» і «твердо не підтримують» – 8% та 6%. 19% не змогли відповісти на питання.

Опитування проводили з 13 до 23 червня шляхом інтерв’ю вдома у респондентів. Кількість опитаних склала 2 400. Похибка не перевищує 2%. Опитування фінансувалося Агентством США з міжнародного розвитку (USAID).

US Court Rules Trump Cannot Silence Critics on Twitter

A U.S. federal appeals court has ruled President Donald Trump cannot silence critics on his Twitter account, maintaining that blocking them violates the Constitution’s right to free speech.

The 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled in a 3-0 decision Tuesday the First Amendment prohibits Trump from blocking critics from his account, a public platform.

On behalf of the three-judge panel, Circuit Judge Barrington Parker wrote “The First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise-open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees.”

Trump has used his Twitter account, which has more than 60-million followers, to promote his agenda and to attack critics.

The court ruled on a lawsuit filed by Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute on behalf of seven people who were blocked by Trump after criticizing his policies.

Institute director Jameel Jaffer said the ruling “will ensure that people aren’t excluded from these forums simply because of their viewpoints” and added “It will help ensure the integrity and vitality of digital spaces that are increasingly important to our democracy.”

Justice Department spokesman Kelly Laco said the agency is “disappointed with the ruling and is “exploring possible next steps.” He reiterated the administrations’ argument that “Trump’s decision to block users from his personal Twitter account does not violate the First Amendment.”

The decision upheld a May 2018 ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The U.S. Justice Department said the ruling was “fundamentally misconceived,” arguing Trump used the account in a personal capacity to express his views, and not as a forum for public discussion.

Twitter did not immediately comment on the ruling.

Among those who were blocked from Trump’s account were author Stephen King and model Chrissy Teigen.


Voting Group Founded by Georgia’s Abrams Raises $3.9 Million

The political action committee for a group founded by former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has reported raising $3.9 million in the past six months.

Abrams founded Fair Fight to support voting rights after narrowly losing to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in November. She accused Kemp of using his previous position as Georgia’s chief election officer to suppress votes in their race, which Kemp has vehemently denied.

The report filed Monday with the state ethics commission shows Fair Fight PAC has raised $4.1 million since its inception and made $3 million in expenditures, leaving $1.1 million in cash on hand. Expenditures include more than $1.2 million given to the group’s nonprofit arm and $100,000 given to abortion rights groups after Georgia’s passage of a restrictive abortion ban.

They also include political contributions to various candidates, payments to consultants, staff salaries and travel expenses.

Many of the contributions came from small donors around the country. The group says that it has had more than 15,000 individual contributions from all 50 states.

The largest contribution was over $1 million from Silicon Valley-based physician and philanthropist Karla Jurvetson. The group banked another $250,000 from the Service Employees International Union, a labor union with 2 million members in service occupations including within the health care industry. 
“Fair Fight PAC is grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from across Georgia and around the country,” Fair Fight CEO Lauren Groh-Wargo said in a statement. “Fair Fight is advocating for voting rights, supporting progressive organizing and advocacy, and keeping the heat on those who suppress the vote.”

She said the group would soon share details for nationwide voter protection programs to mitigate “attempts to suppress the vote of people of color in this critical election cycle.”

Plan by Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez To Declare Climate Emergency

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are teaming up on a plan that would designate climate change as an emergency, and at least one of Sanders’ fellow Democratic presidential candidates is planning to sign on.

The measure to be introduced in the House on Tuesday is designed to highlight Democrats’ focus on global warming and push back against President Donald Trump, who’s declared a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is competing with Sanders for the support of liberal voters in the presidential primary, plans to sign onto the resolution when it’s introduced in the Senate, according to a spokeswoman.

Sanders tells reporters that “strong American leadership” is needed to compel effective worldwide action on climate change.


Кум Медведчука, який йде в Раду від «Слуги народу», більше ніж 200 днів протягом року не був в Україні – «Схеми»

Андрій Холодов балотується за списком партії під номером 22

На Троєщині відкрили пляж – КМДА

У Києві 9 липня відкрили пляж «Троєщина» поруч із однойменним житловим масивом, повідомляє сайт Київміськадміністрації.

«Тут розчищена акваторія площею 1,7 га, очищено дно, привезений пісок. Дуже важливо, що тут є доріжки для людей старшого віку та людей з інвалідністю, встановлений спортивний та дитячий майданчики, є спеціально відведене місце для пікніків. Без вихідних тут чергують рятувальники», – повідомив заступник голови КМДА Петро Пантелеєв.

За його словами, облаштування пляжу на Троєщині обійшлося бюджету у 13 мільйонів гривень.

Загалом у Києві працює 14 муніципальних пляжів та 18 зон відпочинку.

9 липня вода в Дніпрі біля Києва становить 20 градусів.

Інтернет у кожне село – Зеленський підписав указ про поліпшення доступу до 4G

Президент України Володимир Зеленський підписав указ про поліпшення доступу до зв’язку четвертого покоління (4G) по всій країні до кінця року, повідомив заступник керівника Офісу президента Олексій Гончарук.

«Указом президента сьогодні затверджений план дій, як вже до кінця цього року зробити все необхідне для того, щоб в селах і маленьких містах і на дорогах став кращим мобільний інтернет», – сказав Гончарук.

За його словами, сьогодні президент Володимир Зеленський підписав відповідний указ, втім документ поки не оприлюднений.

«Конкретний план дій вже узгоджено з регулятором, тобто що потрібно зробити для того, аби до кінця року в маленьких населених пунктах і на дорогах він (інтернет – ред.) з’явився. Це ще не все, що ми можемо зробити. Попереду – складна розмова стосовно 5G», – додав Гончарук.

До 1 липня мобільні оператори були зобов’язані врегулювати наявність 3G і 4G зв’язку у великих містах, вказав Гончарук.

17 травня п’ятий президент України Петро Порошенко підписав указ про заходи для запровадження системи мобільного зв’язку п’ятого покоління (5G).

За час війни понад дві тисячі військових звернулись до суду, щоб отримати статус УБД – звіт правників

«Законодавча база потребує удосконалення й адаптації відповідно до актуальних проблем»